Pastors Desk (Page 8)

Pastors Desk (Page 8)

Great Day In The City of Aurangabad

Greetings Friends, Today I spent most of the day exploring the Old City of Aurangabad. Ancient City Gates, The ‘2nd Taj Mahal’, An Old Fort of the 17th Century King. This has been a day of learning of Central India History. I also took many pictures of the city, including the traffic, shopping areas, roadside markets, and people. There are many heart wrenching sites. The dryness and lack of rain during the rainy season has put a further strain on…

Visiting the Cave of Ajanta

Hello Church Family, I hope that all of you are doing great. I have had a very great day today seeing some ancient caves and driving past many rural villages. In some ways, today had been more of what I had expected to find in India. I have taken a lot of pictures of people, animals, small grass houses, etc… I do feel that I am in another world. Thankful for good health and no problems so far. Vinay and…

Worship In Aurangabad

Just Finished two Worship services.  It was so enjoyable.  Many Nazarenes praising God, dressed in amazingly colorful garb.

Great Time With Vinay’s Family

Hello Church Family,    Shallom from India.  I am enjoying my time here so much.  I have learned many fun things about India.  Vipul and Jewan have played criquet with me – first time.  Jewan is a major Kite expert – amazing tricks and competition over the skies of Aurangabad.  Its like constant dogfight with all the boys of the city.  It is Sunday morning here.  We are leaving for Church in about 30 Minutes. Can’t wait.  Hope you all…

Safe In India

Hello Church Family,       Greetings from Aurangabad!  I arrived after a good trip about 12 hours ago and got a great night’s sleep – under a mesquito net for the first time.  Having a wonderful time alreaedy.  I will send pictures when I can. Blessings! Pastor  

Surviving the Storm

Greetings Dear Church Family,      Three days after the storm, I trust that you are well and have come through the storm without great difficulty.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.