Weather Cancellation Policy

Weather Cancellation Policy

  Sunday Mornings

These are the two options if we choose to modify our present Schedule due to Weather but do not think that we need to cancel all services for the day:

1.  Cancel our Sunday School classes & plan for our Worship Service at 10:15.
2.  Cancel all Sunday Classes & our Worship Service and have one Worship Service at 3:00

We will try to make this decision by 8:00 P.M. on Saturday night based on the weather report if possible and by 7:00 Sunday morning otherwise. Communicated as follows:

1.  *A Phone Tree Message will be generated on Saturday night if possible and by 7:30 A.M. on Sunday morning if possible.
2.  Also, please check Facebook, the Church Web-site and other Social Media for the latest information.

Sunday Nights

The decision to cancel Sunday night services and activities will be made by 3:00 if possible.  

A message will be sent via Phone Tree beginning at 3:00.  

Wednesday Nights

We will follow the Mifflinburg School District’s decision about whether we have Wednesday night services and activities.  If the School is dismissed early due to weather or does not have school for the day due to weather, we will also cancel all services and activities.

  A message will be placed on the Church website, and other social media and delivered by Phone Tree as soon as the decision is made.

  *Please Note:  Please contact us to add your name to Phone Tree if you wish to be on the calling list for other calls or would like to be sure that you are listed for this message.

Please Call Pastor Krell With Questions (570)713-5585