Family Game Night (4/18)

Family Game Night (4/18)

It’s time for a Family Game Night!

We’re going to play QuipLash together. The main game is played by 3-8 players but we also will turn on the audience feature so you can follow along with the fun! There’s 3 rounds per game, so if we have more than 8 people that want to play we’ll switch out at the end of a game.

Requirements: Two (2) devices for optimum play

1) A large device, or main screen to watch the play. Best for this would be a laptop, chromebook, or iPad type device (or one of those cabled into or casting to your living room TV!). Something with a camera and a microphone. You’ll use this to join the Zoom meeting where everyone will be able to talk to each other (and see if you turn your camera on). When the game starts, the host will share their screen – which will be the main game.

2) A controller. Best for this would be your phone or other hand held device. When the host turns the game screen on (that you’ll see on device 1), you will see a room code. On your phone, open a browser and head on over to, there you will enter the room code from the main screen, your name, and hit play! Your phone or hand held device will now be the controller and you’ll be able to see prompts especially for you too draw. You’ll also be able to answer questions and make guesses about what other people have drawn.

If you missed the links:

ZOOM for the main device for you controller