Church News

Church News

Women’s Devotional

Ladies of all ages -join us for Women’s Devotionals, online this week. Tuesday 7:00pm: Zoom Meeting Link Friday 1:00pm: Zoom Meeting Link You can join up to 15 minutes before the meeting.These will not be broadcast to social media.

The Gathering

Young Adults in Angie’s class, join us online Monday Night’s at 7:00pm (opens at 6:45pm). Zoom Meeting Link* *this meeting will not appear on social media

Reality YouTh

Sunday HangTime 7:00pm Zoom Meeting Link* *will not be broadcast on social media Wednesday Reality Youth 7:00pm Zoom Meeting Link YouTube Link Call in at: 570-243-9937

Kids Connect

Join us for our Wednesday Night Program at 6:00PM sign on as early as 5:45pm Interactive Zoom Meeting YouTube Stream Dial in: 570-243-9937

Kids Crossing

Kids, join us for Bible Stories, games, and fun! Monday’s 3:00PM Zoom Meeting Tuesday’s 3:00PM Zoom Meeting Thursday’s 3:00PM Zoom Meeting Friday’s 3:00PM Zoom Meeting

Online Prayer Meeting (2020-04-02)

Join us for an online prayer meeting. Thursday the 2nd starting at 7:00pm (you can get online at 6:45pm) Zoom Interactive: Call-in (voice only): 570-243-9937 Youtube Live Stream: