Suriname 2019-01-30

Suriname 2019-01-30

A text message has come through from South America!

Where do I begin to give an update on yesterday…. it was a very good day but an emotional day.

There were about 150 people who came to receive care. We knew we could not see them all. Jeff was able to see about 100 people in a day and it is so hard to know you will have to turn people away. Saheed and Scott came up with the idea of doing a screening by doing a blood pressure check, blood glucose check, giving anti parasite medication and doing a mini medical history. This allowed us to do something for more people while seeing the ones who needed the doctor most. We saw an additional 30 to 35 people through the screening which left about 10 to 20 people that we could not see. We prayed with them and gave them the salvation message using the Jesus film bracelets and sent them on their way.

There was one very sick child that we saw. He had cerebral palsy and was very malnourished. He was not eating and was severely constipated. We gave him the formula that we had brought along, medication, medical guidance, teaching, and prayer. It is up to God now to take over where we left off. Please pray for God’s healing!

The VBS team had 75 children yesterday. They had a great time with the Bible story and doing crafts. Again remember they usually only have between 20 and 30. Praise God!! Pray that God’s work was planted in their hearts and will yield fruit!

We are heading down river to Orealla now. We saw 55 – 60 patients in our shortened day. We also did the screening process like yesterday and saw an additional 15 or more like that. That is a great number considering it was a new location and shortened day.

We love you all and will text more later.

~Crystal S