Church News (Page 2)

Church News (Page 2)

Suriname 2019-01-27

It’s a beautiful Lord’s Day in Suriname. Be in prayer for our team this morning as they begin an extra day of VBS and show the Jesus fill tonight. Tomorrow begins the medical clinic. Also some of the accompanying team members from the Paramaribo Church are suffering ailments and would appreciate prayer as well.

Suriname 2019-01-24

Please be in prayer for our Mission Team as they leave tonight for Suriname (South America).


May God’s Richest Blessing be yours in 2019 1/9,16, 23, & 30- After School Program 3:00-6:30pm.  Youth Group 6:30-8:00pm.  Adult Bible Study & Caravan begin @ 7:00pm at the church. 1/11-  VBS Work Days 6-9pm 1/12- VBS Work Days 10am-4pm 1/13- Regular schedule of services @ 10:15am & 6:00pm.  Pastor Shane Chamberlin will be sharing in our morning worship service. 1/14- Vision Meeting for our “75th” Anniversary will be held in the FH from 6:30-8:00pm 1/20- Regular schedule of services…

Last Sunday of 2018!

It’s the last Sunday of 2018 and the last Sunday to sing Christmas Carols! Join in the worship during our 10:15am Celebration Service. The message upstairs with Pastor Krell – “Simeon and an Incredible Promise”, downstairs in NazKids “Epic – The Fall of Jericho” with Mr U. God is working in our lives – share in the fellowship with your Church Family!

No Activities 2018-12-26

Stop! We don’t often say this – but “don’t come to Church tonight!” 😀 With no activities scheduled tonight – enjoy the evening with your family this Christmas Season.


If holidays bring out visions of Santa Claus, twinkling lights, and reindeer with red noses, you need to change your view.  Think Holy- days and remember the first Christmas.  It all started with a manger.  Marilou H. Flinkman 12/2- Regular schedule of services AM/PM  Small groups will also be meeting.    FH reserved @ Noon. 12/3- NMI Council Meeting @ 7:00pm 12/5, & 19- After School Program 3:00-6:45pm.  Youth Group, 6:45pm-8:00pm.  Adult Bible Study & Caravan begins @ 7:00pm 12/6-…

Reality Youth Pretzel and Fudge Sale

All items are $5.00 Orders a due Nov 25th and will be delivered starting on Dec 5th Pretzels – Chocolate, White Chocolate, and MixedFudge – Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Orange CreamItems can be ordered from any participating teen or online @


October, 2018 Read Psalm 126:5-6    Maybe your summer was full of hard work, hard decisions, & just plain hard circumstances.  Know that though your soul may feel parched and barren, you can enter into this harvest season with the promise of showers of blessings and armloads of joy.  Renee’ Davis 10/7- Our regular schedule of services @ 10:15am & 6:00pm Our teens will have Bible Quizzing from 4:30-6:00pm 10/8- Kid’s Color Day.  2:00-4:00pm on the church grounds.   NMI Meeting…