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Please note a change in our service for Sunday, July 30th, 2017 Paul Pitts will be ministering to us through Word & Song during our 10:15am service. Pastor Krell will also be sharing.  On Sunday evening, July 30th, @ 6:00pm we will be having our service @ the Mifflinburg Park Gazebo followed by a Baptism Service @ the pool.  Invite family & friends to join you for either or both of these services. For more information contact the church office…

Reality Youth Wing sale

Today Oct 22nd and again on Nov 5th We will be selling wings in the Church parking lot along Chestnut Street 1pm-6pm We will have regular and boneless $8 a Doz Flavors Buffalo Honey Sriracha Garlic Parmesan Barbecue Honey Mustard Plain

Dealing With Our Conflicts

We are coming back to the Book of Genesis and the story of Cain and Abel on Sunday.  What happens when we do not deal with our conflicts?  Don’t ask Abel – he’s not able to talk about it, ask Cain. He can!
  “The Story” Saturday April 6th at 7pm Sunday April 7th at 10:30am

People Of Praise

Great anticipation for Worship on Sunday. What a great privilege it is for God’s people to Praise Him. Genuine Praise is a response of those who are grateful for the Presence of God in their lives. Come and join us on Sunday as we celebrate God’s goodness and love.

The Seventh Church

The Church at Laodicea is the Seventh and Final Church that Jesus Speaks to in The Book of Revelation. We have studied the Words of Jesus to the other Six Churches and His Deep words of Encouragement and Promises, as well as His Warnings and Judgment. Because the Church at Laodicea had become Lukewarm, Jesus describes them as Poor, Blind, and Naked. He also tells them that he is standing at the door of their hearts and wants to come…

The Church at Sardis

Does God care about your good works? If you are not sure, ask the Church at Sardis in the 3rd chapter of the Book of Revelation. It was there that Jesus spoke words of strong rebuke for a church that appeared to be alive but was nearly dead. He said to them that their deeds were incomplete and they needed to wake up. Do you believe that God is pleased with your life and your service to him? Come to…
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