If holidays bring out visions of Santa Claus, twinkling lights, and reindeer with red noses, you need to change your view.  Think Holy- days and remember the first Christmas.  It all started with a manger.  Marilou H. Flinkman

12/2- Regular schedule of services AM/PM  Small groups will also be meeting.    FH reserved @ Noon.

12/3- NMI Council Meeting @ 7:00pm

12/5, & 19- After School Program 3:00-6:45pm.  Youth Group, 6:45pm-8:00pm.  Adult Bible Study & Caravan begins @ 7:00pm

12/6- Church Board Meeting @ 7:00pm

12/7- “Visions of Sugarplums”  7:00-10:00pm. Must be pre-registered.

12/8- FH Reserved

12/9- Missionary, Doug Solomon & his family will be sharing with us during our 10:15 service.  FH reserved @ Noon.  Our evening service begins @ 6:00pm.

12/10- FH reserved 5:45-7:45pm

12/12- Christmas Light Show in the sanctuary @ 7:00pm

12/13- Christmas Light Show @ 6:00pm & 7:30pm in the sanctuary.

12/14- Christmas Light Show @ 6:00pm & 7:30pm in the sanctuary.  Prime Time Christmas Dinner @ Carriage Corner @ 6:00pm.  Reservations will not be taken after 12/9.  For more information contact Dennis & Lena Susan @ (570) 966-1480.

12/15- W & W German Breakfast @ the Lutheran Church in Mifflinburg.  This is being held in connection with the Christkindl Market. Christmas Light Show 6:00pm & 7:30pm in the sanctuary.

12/16- Christmas Light Show during our 10:15am worship service.  For our evening service@ 6:00pm Pastor Glen Bayly will be sharing.

12/17- FH Reserved

12/19- FH reserved- PreSchool Christmas Party

12/20- FH reserved- PreSchool Christmas Party

12/23- Christmas Worship Service @ 10:15am.  6:00pm Our annual church family Christmas Caroling.

12/24- Christmas Eve Service @ 6:00pm

12/25- Celebrating our Savior’s Birth with family & friends.

12/26- No activities or services here at the church

12/30- Regular schedule of service @ 10:15.  Our 6:00pm evening service will be held at New Hope Bible Church for their “5th” Sunday Hymn Sing & fellowship.

All of our Sunday School classes meet at 9:00am.  For more information contact the church office @ (570) 966-0852.

Wayne Krell, Pastor & Shane Chamberlin, Youth Pastor

Whether it is in a church, the company of laughing children and loved ones, or in the silence of a hospital room, or a lonely apartment, You only have to close your eyes and open your heart and come to the manger.  Jesus Christ is waiting for you.  Marilou H. Flinkman

May you sense God’s presence as we celebrate His birth.

Rachel Goss, Church Secretary