Children’s Bible Quiz 2018 Cyber Invitational

Children’s Bible Quiz 2018 Cyber Invitational

The YouTube link for the CyberQuiz will be below:

Conference Call Number:  (605) 472-5245   Access code:  427278#  (*6 mutes/reinstate – when the quiz begins we will mute all lines – dial *6 to reinstate yourself and then speak)

Click HERE to submit scores for the Cyber Quiz!

For technical support call the Control Room 570-966-0852 ext 28  (please note – this is an unlisted extension in the directory)


Here’s the link for the tutorial to log unto the quiz meet and chat:

Here’s the link for the tutorial to submit scores after the meet:


We’re very excited to try something new this year on the District – a Children’s Bible Quizzing Invitational held online!

How will this work?  That’s a great question and probably the best way to go through this is to do a little Q&A.

Q:  What levels are quizzing?
A:  Both Blue and Red.

Q:  And when is this again?
A:  Saturday March 10th.  Red level will quiz at 10am and Blue level will quiz at 10:30.  We will only be doing one round.

Q:  Do I need to register for the online quiz?
A:  Not officially – but please send an email to if you plan to connect – that way we can keep an eye out for you!

Q:  What device do I need to to get online?
A:  Any device that will stream a YouTube video.  You can use a laptop, a pc, an iPad, your phone, or go big and have your tech guys run it through a projector!  If you can play the stream, you can participate.

Q:  What’s the link to get to the stream?
A:  We’ll have it available here closer to that Saturday.  It will look something like this  (this is a link to our Christmas Cantata that was streamed).

Q:  That’s video – what about audio?
A:  Audio from the Invitational will come through YouTube.  If you would like to be able to provide feedback, ask questions, or challenge a question you will be able to dial in via a conference call number (to be posted here) and that conference call will be routed into the invitations.

Q:  Wow!  That part seems like it may be complicated?
A:  We expect most people to just use YouTube in a read-only fashion.  It will also be possible to enter questions/challenges in the comment section below the live stream as we will be monitoring that as well.  It is also good to note that there will be approximately 5 seconds of latency between when the question is read by the quiz master in Mifflinburg and when it will play out on your screen.  To compensate for that the quiz master will be waiting an extra 10 seconds after each question for feedback (audio via the conference call will be instantaneous).

Q:  Do I need scorekeepers?
A:  Yes – you should have one scorekeeper for approximately every 5 quizzers.  At the end of the meet you’ll be able to enter the quizzers score online.

Q:  I have more questions?!?!?!?
A:  If its quizzing related give me a call at 570.412.4542 or email me at  If it’s about a technical aspect – please drop a line or call him at 570.966.0852 ext42.